Spectra Field Pro III
Spectra Field Pro III
Spectra Field Pro III
Spectra Field Pro III

Spectra Field Pro III - Peristaltic Pump

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The Spectra Scientific Field Pro III is the leading Professional Grade Peristaltic Pump on the market.

Built upon 20 years of continuous design improvements the Field Pro is the only Peristaltic Pump in the Market to have three different versions with each being an improvement over the previous.

The current Spectra Field Pro III is an award-winning Peristaltic Pump sold all over the world.

The top angled pump head is an industry standard set by the Field Pro. Built in a rugged and easy to carry aluminum case the Field Pro is ideal for harsh conditions.

Side Note: Bladder pump controller and peristaltic pumps can be integrated to provide precise control over pumping action.

The controllers can regulate factors such as pressure, flow rate, and timing, ensuring optimal performance.

Our Promise:

The Field Pro III peristaltic pump can deliver precise and accurate fluid flow rates. It can withstand rigorous and demanding environments. Whether operating in industrial settings and or research labs.

In some cases, peristaltic pumps and pneumatic pumps can be used together in a system. For example, a peristaltic pump may transfer a fluid to a pneumatic pump for further pressurization or distribution.

We understand that complex configurations, cumbersome tubing changes or intricate calibration processes can cause frustration which is why the Spectra Scientific Field Pro III peristaltic pump is easy to set up. operate, and maintain. 

We don't leave you in the dark, Spectra Scientific offers reliable customer support, technical support and readily available spare parts.


  • All in one Design - Battery and Charger Located inside.
  • Vial Holders and 4300cm3 of Toolbox space
  • Ability to acts as a 12V Pump Controller
  • Smart Electronics allow speed to remain constant for 90% of life
  • Built in Alligator Clips for Emergency Charging


Additional Information

The Spectra Scientific Field Pro is the industry standard award-winning Groundwater Sampling Pump.

With over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience the Field Pro is one of the most rugged and reliable peristaltic pumps on the market.

Designed for Low Flow sampling the Field Pro can achieve industry landing flow rates as low as 25ml/min.

Compared with other Environmental Sampling Pumps the Field Pro is unique with Top-Angled Pump Head away from ground contaminants and 4300cm3 of vial and tool space.

Pump Material Powered Alluminum
Pump Weight 23 Ibs
Pump Dimensions 16.5' x 10.5' x 90'
Pump Source 12V DC or 240V AC
Pump Head Easy Load II
IP Rating IP65
Flow Rate 25 - 650 ml/min
Battery 8 Hours
Toolbox Space 4300cm3 + 3 Vial Holders

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