About Spectra Scientific

Spectra Scientific was founded with the goal of Innovating the Environmental and Life Science Industries by producing products that last a lifetime.

Spectra Scientific was founded in 1999 in Massachusetts by former field technicians and engineers with a mission to innovate and invigorate the environmental industry. The mission was to create quality products that outlived the creators, innovative designs that were rugged and able to withstand all conditions. A companion that would never let you down no matter the conditions. The Spectra Field Pro Peristaltic Pump has proved to be this companion and the everyday reminder of our commitment to the mission. The first Field Pro Pumps built over 15 years ago have been used daily with no sign of slowing down, a true field companion that we are extremely proud of.

Our Rentals division was opened over 20 years ago with the mission of providing quality service backed by expert technical knowledge. The general education and betterment of the environmental industry is of great concern to us, we place the education and growth of our clients as a top priority. Our products are designed with the feedback and needs of our clients. Many times they have identified a need and we have responded by researching and producing an innovative solution. Spectra Scientific is not a warehouse of equipment with a revolving door. Rather we are a grassroots institution committed to the betterment of the environmental industry and we have proved that over two decades.

More than 20 years later Spectra Scientific is as focused as ever. Our Rentals division is working everyday with our clients to provide them with the best experience in terms of quality and intellectual development. Our Manufacturing and Engineering division is hard at work improving the Field Pro, the third iternation was recently released and many more new innovative designs are to be released soon.