About Spectra Scientific

Spectra Scientific was founded with the goal of Innovating the Environmental and Life Science Industries by producing products that last a lifetime.
Spectra Scientific was founded in 1997 in Massachusetts by former field technicians and engineers with a mission to innovate and invigorate the environmental monitoring industry. The mission was to create quality products that outlived the creators, innovative designs that were rugged and able to withstand all conditions. A companion that would never let you down no matter the use case. This desire was born from a frustration with the equipment available at the time - outdated, difficult to use, and not optimized for the field at all. 


2000: The Spectra Field Pro

In the early 2000's the first Spectra Field Pro was manufactured in Reading,  Massachusetts. From this point forward it proved to be an extremely popular product with local consulting firms, rugged built with an internal battery and charger it was the first peristaltic pump of its kind. From this day forth, The Spectra Field Pro Peristaltic Pump has gone through three separate iterations, culminating in award winning Field Pro III released in 2020. The Field Pro is used all over the world from Environmental Monitoring to Laboratory Analysis and even Fluid Transfer. The Field Pro serves as a reminder of our commitment to our initial mission of designing the very best products. The first Field Pro Pumps built over 15 years ago have been used daily with no sign of slowing down, a true field companion that we are extremely proud of.

2000: Opening of Rental Division

Our Rentals division was opened over 20 years ago with the mission of providing quality service backed by expert technical knowledge. The general education and betterment of the environmental industry is of great concern to us, we place the education and growth of our clients as a top priority. Our products are designed with the feedback and needs of our clients. Many times they have identified a need and we have responded by researching and producing an innovative solution. Spectra Scientific is not a warehouse of equipment with a revolving door. Rather we are a grassroots institution committed to the betterment of the environmental industry and we have proved that over two decades.

2015 - 2018: Tackling the Bladder Pump Question

In 2015, after almost two decades of serving the groundwater sampling industry through the manufacture and service of the Spectra Field Pro Peristaltic Pump we began the design of the Spectra Hydro Pro Bladder Pump Controller/Compressor. Our clients all over North America were tired of the current offerings, with the same issues, and pushed us to design a new and improved product with all the same attributes of the Field Pro. What began in 2015 as an idea eventually resulted in the Spectra Hydro Controller/Compressor in 2018, our clients loved the product as it possessed a 150 PSI full duty cycle compressor as well as a digital readout filled with all the necessary information for a productive field event.

2020: Bladder Pumps - Time for a Revolutionary Change

Despite all the success of the Spectra Hydro Pro, our clients began encouraging us to complete the set and design a Bladder Pump. For almost 30 years priors since the invention of the Bladder Pump no one had designed, let alone modified Bladder Pump technology - they were difficult to use, impractical for large field events and overall very expensive.

Seeing this we decided to bring about a change like we've done twice before. Within the same year we released the Spectra Bladder Pump Sil 2.0 (1.87 in OD) and the Spectra Bladder Pump Sil 1.0 (.87 in OD). These pumps not only ended becoming the easiest to use Bladder Pumps on the market, they ended up revolutionizing the groundwater sampling industry.

2021: An Ingenious Solution to the PFAS Problem

As an environmental monitoring company we were well aware of the PFAS problem as it broke national headlines. As each State seemed to have unique regulations the US Department of Defence took matters into their own hands establishing the PFAS Taskforce, this team was tasked with amalgamating all the individual regulations into one document that provides a unanimous scientifically backed PFAS document. During this process they tested hundreds of pieces of equipment, all claiming to be "PFAS Free" yet the still we found small detections of PFAS. The only material to N.D (Non Detect) on any of the 34 PFAS analytes was Silicone. 

Coincidentally, the Spectra Bladder Pump was also made of a Silicone bladder. This was the boost that brought that won the Pump an award and became the only true solution to PFAS Sampling.

2023: A Step into the Water Quality Market

As we continued to add different products to our line of equipment we found the Water Quality Market to be a natural entry point for us. We are currently working on designing the latest and greatest Water Quality Sondes to provide our Customer working in this Field with the Spectra Advantage.