World Class Environmental Training & Seminars

As the leading manufacturers and engineers behind the Spectra Field Pro Peristaltic Pump we understand the need for good technical knowledge and understanding. This is why we offer training and seminars for all our clients regarding environmental equipment. What makes Spectra different from other companies is our focus on building the individual up versus simple product navigation. Anyone can read off a manual, at Spectra we look to instill logical understanding of core concepts coupled with expert product navigation so that technicians have that basis to build off for future learning and meaningful understanding.

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Learn from the industry leading technicians and engineers with over 20 years of experience.
At Spectra we teach more than just reading off the product manuals, we instill knowledge that lasts a lifetime. We instill our technicians with the logic and science behind our products, giving them the ability to troubleshoot and work in the field with the utmost confidence and independence.
From lessons at our facility to on-site or over the phone lessons, we offer a wide range of learning methods to ensure our clients are confident and comfortable.

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