A peristaltic pump is a versatile solution for various fluid handling applications due to its unique operating principle and several advantageous features.

These include (but not limited to) gentle fluid handling, high precision and accuracy, minimal contamination risk, wide compatibility, self-priming, reversible flow and low maintenance in the long run.

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Things To Consider When Buying or Renting a Peristaltic Pump

When buying or renting a peristaltic pump, consider the following factors to ensure you choose the right pump for your specific needs:

  1. Application and Fluid Compatibility: Identify the type of fluid you will be pumping (viscous, abrasive, corrosive, etc.) and ensure the pump's tubing material is compatible with the fluid. Some fluids might require specialized tubing materials.

  2. Flow Rate and Pressure Range: Determine the required flow rate and pressure range for your application. Choose a pump model that can meet your desired performance specifications.

  3. Accuracy and Precision: If precise dosing is important, look for pumps that offer high accuracy and repeatability. Check the manufacturer's specifications for accuracy details.

  4. Tube Size and Replacement: Consider the size of the tubing or hose used in the pump. Make sure replacement tubes are readily available and easy to install.

  5. Maintenance and Ease of Use: Evaluate the pump's maintenance requirements. Pumps with easy tube replacement mechanisms and minimal maintenance needs can save time and effort.

  6. Control Options: Check whether the pump offers manual or automated control options. Some pumps can be integrated into control systems for remote operation.

  7. Flow Control Mechanism: Understand how the pump controls flow rates. Some pumps offer adjustable speed controls, while others might have discrete flow rate settings.

  8. Durability and Longevity: Choose a pump from a reputable manufacturer known for producing reliable and durable products.

  9. Price and Value: Compare the features, specifications, and pricing of different models to ensure you're getting the best value for your investment.

  10. Support and Service: Research the manufacturer's reputation for customer support and service. A responsive support team can be crucial if you encounter issues or have questions about your pump.

  11. Environmental Considerations: Consider the environment in which the pump will be operating. Some pumps might be better suited for specific conditions, such as extreme temperatures or hazardous environments.

  12. Additional Accessories: Check if the pump comes with any additional accessories, such as mounting options, tubing, connectors, or control interfaces.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select a peristaltic pump that aligns with your application's requirements and provides reliable, accurate, and efficient fluid handling.

Top 10 Best Peristaltic Pump Manufacturers in United States & Canada

Here are 10 of the best peristaltic pump manufacturers in the United States and Canada:

United States:

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is a global leader in peristaltic pump technology. With a wide range of products, they provide innovative solutions for fluid handling in various industries. Watson-Marlow pumps are renowned for their precision, reliability, and ability to handle challenging fluids. Whether for food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, or chemical processing, their peristaltic pumps excel in delivering accurate and consistent flow rates, minimizing maintenance, and ensuring fluid integrity.

Website: https://www.watson-marlow.com


Cole-Parmer offers a comprehensive lineup of peristaltic pumps suitable for both laboratory and industrial applications. Their pumps are designed with user-friendliness and versatility in mind, allowing for precise fluid dosing, dispensing, and transfer. Cole-Parmer's peristaltic pumps are known for their reliability, ease of maintenance, and compatibility with a wide range of fluids, from corrosive chemicals to delicate biological solutions.

Website: https://www.coleparmer.com


Verderflex specializes in peristaltic hose pumps designed for applications requiring gentle fluid handling. Their pumps are engineered to handle shear-sensitive and abrasive fluids without compromising their integrity. With a commitment to innovation, Verderflex pumps are used in industries such as mining, water treatment, and chemical processing. Their peristaltic pumps provide optimal performance, durability, and minimal downtime.

Website: https://www.verderflex.com


Flowrox is known for its heavy-duty peristaltic hose pumps that excel in demanding environments. These pumps are designed to handle abrasive, corrosive, and viscous fluids. With a robust construction, Flowrox pumps are well-suited for applications in industries such as mining, metallurgy, and wastewater treatment. Their peristaltic pumps offer reliability, reduced maintenance needs, and efficient fluid transfer.

Website: https://www.flowrox.com

Ametek Precision Motion Control

Ametek Precision Motion Control offers a range of peristaltic pumps designed for precision fluid transfer and dosing applications. These pumps find their use in laboratory setups and analytical instrumentation. Ametek's peristaltic pumps ensure accurate flow rates, excellent repeatability, and ease of integration, making them valuable tools for research and development.

Website: https://www.ametekmotion.com


Spectra Scientific

Spectra Scientific is a leader in the market of manufacturing and providing scientific and environmental equipment. They specialize in peristaltic pumps and bladder pumps, along with many other such products and their components. They also provide rental opportunities and top-class services for users.

Spectra Scientific's commitment to precision and quality ensures that their peristaltic pumps offer accurate fluid dosing and transfer, making them suitable for various demanding applications.

Website: https://www.spectrascientific.com

Wanner Engineering (Hydra-Cell)

Wanner Engineering, operating under the Hydra-Cell brand, specializes in diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. Their peristaltic pumps are known for their robustness, durability, and ability to handle a wide range of fluids. With applications in industries like chemical processing, oil and gas, and water treatment, Hydra-Cell peristaltic pumps offer reliable and efficient fluid handling solutions.

Website: https://www.hydra-cell.com

Global Pumps

Global Pumps is a Canadian distributor offering a variety of pumps, including peristaltic pumps, for different industries and applications. They collaborate with leading manufacturers to provide solutions that meet specific pumping needs. Global Pumps' range of peristaltic pumps ensures reliable performance and efficient fluid transfer in diverse sectors.

Website: https://www.globalpumps.ca

KNF Neuberger

KNF Neuberger is a global company with a presence in Canada, specializing in diaphragm and peristaltic pumps. Their peristaltic pumps find application in laboratory, medical, and industrial settings.

Website: https://www.knf.com

Fluid Metering, Inc.

Fluid Metering, Inc. specializes in precision metering pumps, including peristaltic pumps. Their peristaltic pumps offer superior accuracy and repeatability in fluid transfer and dosing applications. With a wide range of sizes and configurations, Fluid Metering's pumps cater to various industries, including medical, analytical, and industrial sectors.

Website: https://www.fmipump.com

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