Thermo TVA1000 FID

Thermo TVA1000 FID

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The Thermo Scientific TVA-1000B Toxic Vapor Analyzer is capable of measuring a variety of organic vapors using FID technology, over a wide range of organic vapors can be measured, by the FID, over a wide dynamic range (0-50,000 ppm), monitoring some compounds that PID will not detect. The FID operates by breaking hydrocarbon bonds and is not limited by a high ionization potential of the molecule. In addition, the FID is unaffected by ambient CO, CO2 , or humidity leading to very stable measurements.


Dynamic Range
0.5-2,000 ppm (PID) isobutylene; 0.5-50,000 ppm (FID) methane
Linear Range
0.5-500 ppm (PID) isobutylene; 0.5-10,000 ppm (FID) methane
Minimum Detectable Limit
100 ppb benzene (PID); 300 ppb hexane (FID) (laboratory conditions)
Response Time
3.5 seconds
Sample Flow Rate
1000 cc (normal)
Portable Operation Time
8 hours
Approximate Mass
5.8 kg (13 pounds)
Nominal Dimensions
13.5 x 10.3 x 3.2 inches (343 x 262 x 81 mm)
+/- 1% (PID); +/- 2% (FID)
FID= 25% of reading or 2.5ppm, whichever is greater from 1.0 to 10000ppm; PID= 25% of reading or 2.5ppm. whichever is greater from 0.5 to 500ppm

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