MIE Personal Data Ram

MIE Personal Data Ram

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Measure mass concentrations of dust, smoke, mists and fumes in real-time with the Thermo Scientific™ personal DataRAM™ pDR-1000AN. This palm-sized aerosol monitor/datalogger sounds an audible alarm whenever the user-defined level is exceeded. 

Additional Information:

  • Light-scattering photometer offers high correlation with gravimetric measurement of respirable and thoracic fractions with optimal response to 0.1-10μm size particles
  • Datalogger automatically tags and time stamps data collected and stores it for subsequent retrieval, printing, or graphing through a PC
  • No moving parts means silent operation and minimal maintenance costs
  • Unit is gravimetrically calibrated in mg/m3 and is ready to use after easy zeroing step (kit included)
  • Internal firmware controls automatic calibration check; gravimetric calibration can be performed in the field for maximum efficiency

Recommended for:

  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Walk-through surveys
  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Time & motion studies
  • Workplace & plant monitoring
  • Remediation personal surveillance
  • Mobile monitoring in vehicles & aircraft
  • Toxicology & epidemiology studies
  • Emergency response
  • Testing air filtration efficiency
Accuracy ±5% of reading ± precision (traceable to SAE Fine Test Dust)
Data Logging Averaging Periods 1 second to 1 hour
Aerodynamic Particle Cut-Point Range    

10 µm nominal

Precision ±0.5 of reading or ±0.015 mg/m3, whichever is larger, for 1 second averaging time, ±0.5 of reading or ±0.015 mg/m3, whichever is larger for 10 second averaging time, ±0.2% of reading or ±0.005 mg/m3, whichever is larger for 60 second averaging time±

0.1% of reading or 0.001 mg/m3, whichever is larger

Scattering Coefficient Range

1.5 x 10-6 to 0.6m-1 (approx.) @ lambda = 880nm (not displayed)

Weight (English)    

18 oz.

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