What is a Bladder Pump?


A Bladder Pump is a pneumatically operated, non-contact pump used for the extraction of groundwater. The Bladder Pump consists of an enclosed pressure chamber with an internal bladder, it also has an air line connected to the pressure chamber and a water line connected to the internal bladder.

Spectra Bladder Pump Sil 2.0

Image 1: Spectra Bladder Pump Sil 2.0 with Push Connect Connections


It is operated in conjunction with an Air Compressor/Controller located above ground. The Pump is connected to the Controller via drive live (air line), this allows for the compression of the internal bladder. It is also connected to a water line that is located atop the bladder, the compression of the bladder pushes the water up the well through the water line.

Deconstructed Spectra Bladder Pump Sil 2.0

Image 2: Spectra Bladder Pump with Spectra Silicone Sleeve TM

Low Flow Sampling

The Spectra Bladder Pumps are ideal for low flow sampling as they provide low flow rates (15 ml - 75 ml/min) within the EPA defined rates of 25 ml - 150 ml / min. This allows for Scientists and Technicians using the Spectra Bladder Pumps to achieve representative samples of ambient groundwater conditions.

Spectra Hydro Pro Low Flow Sampling Bladder Pump Controller

Image 3: Spectra Hydro Pro TM Controller/Compressor

Recommended Use Cases

The Spectra Bladder Pump is recommended to be used for well depths greater than 28ft as this represents the maximum depth a Peristaltic Pump can be deployed. The Spectra Sil 2.0 can sample up to 280ft below sea-level when used with the Spectra Hydro Pro TM Controller.

For long term deployments and custom cases the Spectra Bladder Pump and Hydro Pro offer more variability in terms of Customization to Customers demands.

PFAS Sampling

The Spectra Bladder Pump Sil 1.0 & 2.0 are the only Bladder Pumps to be manufactured with ZERO PFAS contaminating objects such as LDPE, HDPE, Teflon, etc. It has a 100% Stainless Steel and Silicone build making it the only product to be 100% PFAS free.

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