With hundreds of peristaltic pumps out there in the market, it is important to distinguish the most durable and efficient ones from the other not-so-reliable pumps.

When choosing a good peristaltic pump, it is also important to consider the factors like flow rate, tubing compatibility, portability, cost, maintenance etc. 

It is also important to think about the application you shall be using the pump for, as well as the type of tubing you shall be using. Furthermore, you would definitely want to consider the pump's accuracy and repeatability, as well as its ease of maintenance.

Here, we at Spectra Scientific will be comparing the two leading peristaltic pumps in the market, Field Pro 3 and Geotech Geopump Series 2.

We have also compiled another comparison guide for our users, you may read our guide on Spectra Scientific Field Pro 3 VS Solinst Model 410.


Power Source & Dimensions: Field Pro 3 comes at 23lbs with the dimensions of 16.5' x 10.5' x 9.0' while Series 2 comes with the dimensions of 3.5' x 8' x 8. While Field Pro 3 offers 12V DC or 240V AC, Series 2 pumps offer a choice of AC only, DC only or AC/DC both.

Flow Rate/RPM: When it comes to the power of Field Pro 3, it's the best in the market. It comes with a flow rate of 25-650 milliliter per minute, which is not only efficient but also reliable when it comes to industrial standard field work/rough usage.

Since the flow rate is slower of most of the pumps in the market, thus they do not have the capability to withstand the long hours of usage and so, their tubing wears out while Field Pro 3 offers the toughest tubing in the market, here is our in-depth guide on tubing for peristaltic pumps.

Suction Lift: Field Pro 3 offers a strong suction in its pump which can fulfill an industrial-standard suction power for tremendous reasons of usage. Whereas Series 2 offers a suction power of up to 29 feet at sea level, which too is good enough as per the market standards.

Easy Setup: Spectra Scientific offers easy-to-setup operation of the peristaltic pump for its users as we understand how hard it is for the users who are unaware on how to use such equipment. We provide better controls on the pump as well as an instruction manual which you can access for free to get to read more about Field Pro 3.

Geotech on the other hand, offers an easy-to-setup but long procedure on its Series 2 installation and operation manual which could be quite overwhelming for some of the users, regardless, both companies provide hassle-free setups and operations.


For every user, it totally depends on the type of work they require to be done through a peristaltic pump, for a peristaltic pump is merely a tool to pass liquid from point A to point B (pressure) or the reversal of liquid aka creation of vacuum. You may compare both of the pumps and decide for yourself which one suits you the best, for each is a leading peristaltic pump in the market!