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Survey Instruments

The survey instruments we carry are those most requested by surveyors, landscape architects and environmental professionals. These are precision instruments for exacting work. As with any of our instruments, our technicians are happy to provide instruction in their use for our customers. The rental of any site includes a tripod and telescoping fiberglass measuring rod. Tripods and Rods can also be rented separately.

Sokkia C30 Auto Level

Hardy, shock-resistant, and weatherproof, these units are our most often requested survey levels. Using "stada lines" this instrument can be used to determine distance as well as elevation and angle. Ideal for the production of site plans and maps, or for taking a large number of measurements from one location when it is impractical to use a measuring tape. It makes it easier to map sites with bushes or other obstacles.
Sokkia C31 Auto Level

The same Sokkia quality instrumentation. Slightly larger than the C30 this unit has somewhat better resolution. Better adapted to longer distances on large sites.
Nikon AC-2s Auto Level

Superior optical quality makes this survey level one of the most precise on the market. Easy to set up and level, this instrument is preferred by some of our customers.
Topcon RL-H3C

This self-leveling laser allows a single person to determine groundwater elevations at a site. Instead of requiring two people, one to hold the measuring rod and one to look through the site, renting this unit will save money and manpower. Following setup, the unit sends out a laser plane that is automatically 100% level. One person with a measuring rod can quickly find the elevation of any point within site of the unit. This unit is excellent for any situation where relative elevations are important.
Schonstedt Magnetic Locator

This is the preferred magnetic locator. It can be used as a basic metal detector or to locate underground objects and structures conductively or inductively. In the conductive mode it sends a radio signal through metal and detects its signal allowing the user to trace vent pipes to their respective underground storage tanks. The inductive mode transmits a signal that resonates with buried metal objects. By traversing the site with the detector the location of buried cables and objects can be determined.



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