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What we repair 

  We regularly perform repairs and maintenance on the brands and types of equipment we carry including instruments manufactured by:

Thermo Fisher Scientific


Rae Systems



Industrial Scientific




and many more ...


  We also repair many types of equipment that we donít carry for rental, and often repair items that manufacturers no longer support.  


We save our customers literally hundreds of dollars over manufacturers prices

Quality and Service you can DEPEND on 

   Have you ever shipped a piece of environmental equipment back to the manufacturer for repair or maintenance only to find out that they charge $200 just to look at your instrument and tell you what is wrong with it?  

   At  spectra scientific we are so confident, we offer FREE ESTIMATES on repairs. If you choose not to have the instrument repaired by us, all you pay is the shipping. 

   If you purchased your equipment from spectra scientific, then you automatically qualify for our Customer Care Program.  If the problem is covered under the manufacturer's warranty we act as your advocate with the manufacturer.  NO multiple page forms for you to fill out, NO customs declarations, NO looking up records and part numbers, NO hours of non-billable time on the telephone.  WE take care of the hassle so you can focus on what is important. 

   To get a Free repair estimate, either simply bring your instrument into one of our locations, or ship it to us wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap.  Be sure to include the charger and any accessories that may be related to the problem.  Include a note describing the problem and what was going on when it occurred.  Don't forget to include the contact person's name and phone number. We Look forward to serving your needs!    

"Quality - Integrity - Customer Satisfaction"



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