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Water Quality Meters

We carry a series of different instruments for a variety of types of water quality assessments. The brands and models we carry have been proven through field testing and our own research to be dependable and yield the most trustworthy data under a variety of field conditions. We stand behind these If you don't see a brand here that our competitors stock, there is probably a good reason for it.

  Hydrolab Quanta System/ Quanta G System
This system measures temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, resistivity, salinity, pH/ ORP, and available TURBIDITY simultaneously. Setup and operation are simple and straightforward and we recommend this unit for low-flow groundwater sampling measurements. The probe is also waterproof to 100 meters, can measure depth, and is excellent for monitoring water quality in both fresh and salt water environments. It has one of the most reliable oxygen sensors made (true water circulator), the only 4-beam turbidity sensor available in a unit like this, and maintains its accuracy at the low end of its concentration scales.
The Quanta G offers Stainless steel construction and is designed to fit down a two inch well. What's more, it is a snap to calibrate in the field. It is compact, light and can be used with an included flow through cell for easy above-grade groundwater monitoring. In short, an excellent lightweight, accurate, and easy to use system. We have received very positive feedback from our customers.
  Minisonde/Surveyor4 System
This multi-parameter system is designed for use on surface water bodies, and with its slim profile, can fit down a standard 2" diameter monitoring well. Using a pump and the available flow-through cell, it can also be used to monitor water from a variety of sources. It measures temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, resistivity, salinity, and pH/ ORP simultaneously . It also has four built in expansion ports for additional parameters (chlorophyll, nutrients, chloride, ammonia, total dissolved gas, etc. available with 3-4 week lead time). The unit has a built in sample circulator that reduces the response time and sensor fouling. The water resistant hand-held Surveyor 4 portion of the instrument is easy to hold and work with. It can be configured with datalogging and telemetry.
  Datasonde/Surveyor4 System
The "big brother" of the Minisonde, this unit fit in 4" diameter or larger wells. It also monitors temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance, resistivity, salinity, turbidity and pH/ ORP, but has seven built in expansion ports for additional parameters. The improved sensor design prevents debris or water from being trapped inside the sensor guard, and prevents the sensors from coming loose, as the probe moves through a surface water body. It is also available with a flow cell.
  In-Situ Troll 9000
This sturdy stainless steel unit is recommended for projects where long term data logging is required. The unit can be left in a monitoring well to take periodic temperature, dissolved oxygen, specific conductance (resistivity, salinity), and pH/ ORP for approximately one month without recharging its batteries. The entire, self-contained unit can be placed within a monitoring well, and the well cap or road box closed to prevent hazard or vandalism while data is collected. The stored data can be periodically downloaded directly to a laptop computer, or to an available hand-held Compact TM IPAC unit.
  YSI 600 XL
The YSI 600XL is comparable to the Minisonde/Surveyor 4 system described above, and will fit into a 2-inch monitoring well. It is fairly simple to operate, equilibrates easily, and its readings are fairly steady. Unlike the "Sondes" this unit does not have a stirer and therefore does not conform to the EPA methodology. Some of our customer's contracts, however, specifically require these units so we have them available.
  YSI 550
This dissolved oxygen meter is a favorite of consultants throughout the northeastern US. Its integrated probe sheath allows the user to easily keep the probe clean and moist while on site. A hand strap allows easy manipulation of the unit while handing other instruments or equipment. The O2 and temperature sensors are also quite stable and retain calibration well.
Hach 2100 Portable Turbidity Meter 
This small, hand held turbidity meter is easy to calibrate and understand. Instead of providing a continuous, this unit displays a more stable average value. Some customers find this unit easier for recording data. The unit is calibrated before each rental, however calibration standards are included.
HF Scientific DRT-15CE Portable Turbidity Meter
A portable, lightweight turbidity meter that takes photometric turbidity measurements to provide laboratory quality data. It is sensitive yet rugged, like you. We calibrate each unit prior to every rental. For extended rental periods however, a calibration kit is available on request.
  Hach Dr-890
The Hach DR-890 is a durable, hand-held, filter-photometer. The colorimeter combines ease of use with high testing capability and field readiness. This instrument is designed specifically for on-site testing, with rugged components and waterproof, dustproof, and chemical-resistant housings. Most Reagent kits are available upon request and are sold separately. Please call ahead for the pricing and availability of these kits.
Hydac Meter
This simple, basic, handheld unit provides reliable pH, temperature and conductivity measurements. It comes complete with pH buffers for field calibration to ensure accurate measurements. If you are after quick, reliable results, this is the unit you want.

 Please help us serve you better, if you have any question in regards to any of our instruments please contact us at info@spectrascientific.com and we will make sure it will be answered here.

pH Solutions(4,7 or 10) 500mL
Sp. Cond. Solution. 500mL
ORP Solution250mL
Turbidity Solution 500mL
4molar pH Reference Solution
DO Solution


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