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Water Sampling Pumps

We carry a range of pumps for different sampling applications. If you are not sure what type of pump would be best for your project or would work best in conjunction with other equipment or instruments just call and ask one of our friendly, courteous, technical staff. We would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Spectra Field Pro
Another exclusive Spectra Design (patent pending). We designed this peristaltic pump to be contained within its case so that it can be transported easily and be set down in to work in muddy environments. Built tough, it is what we always wanted in a field sampling pump.

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Spectra Stedi Flo
A 12-volt down well pump controller designed and built by Spectra Scientific. Built as rugged as the spectra Field Pro, this system comes with a high capacity internal battery and multiple options for powering your down well needs throughout the day. Compatible with either alligator clips or lighter adapters, this controller will help make difficult locations a little easier to handle. Please see our down well pumps page for a list of our available pumps.

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Grundfos Redi-Flo Pump
This is a heavy duty stainless steel centrifical pump that goes into a 2" or larger diameter well and lifts water up to 200'. It runs on normal house current and can pump a maximum of 9 gallons per minute. It must be used with the Grundfos voltage converter. We also carry portable Honda generators if house current is not available at your site.
Geotech Peristaltic Pump.
This versatile suction pump can be used for both low flow sampling and purging shallow monitoring wells. The pump itself does not come in contact with the water so by using tubing dedicated to each well no decontamination is necessary. Silt in the water also will not damage the pump. Since it is a vacuum pump, however, it is limited to a maximum head of approximately 27 feet. Non-volatile poly tubing for use with the pump is available separately. Please see our "Supplies" list.

 Please help us serve you better, if you have any question in regards to any of our instruments please contact us at info@spectrascientific.com and we will make sure it will be answered here.

Poly Tubing
"x5/8" (100 ft roll)
3/8"x1/2"(100ft roll)
"x3/8"(100ft roll)
Silicone Tubing
.187"Idx.093 wall (per ft)
25 ft roll
Peristaltic Pump
"X3/8" is the optimum size tubing to be used along with silicon tubing
Grundfos pump
"X5/8" Poly tubing is the optimum size used with Grundfos RediFlo II


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