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A rechargeable power source and flow controller for 12-volt down-well pumps that will take you from well development to low-flow sampling

Why deal with cost and hassle of bladder pumps, compressed gas and controllers for low-flow sampling? The Stedi Flo and a down-well pump can easily be carried down narrow basement stairs, or to wells with no road access.

      Rugged design developed by former environmental field personnel

      Adjustable flow rate for well development as well as regular to low-flow groundwater sampling

      Advanced electronics maintains steady flow rate over time

      Internal power source allow pump operation without the need for a vehicle or external power to be present.  (You can set your pump rate and drive your equipment over to the next well, saving time)

      Large 12 Amp-hour battery, and the ability to run from a vehicle or any other 12Volt DC source, means that you will not get stuck

      Small and extremely portable.  Can easily be used on wells in generally inaccessible locations

The Stedi Flo, a down well pump, and tubing, can all easily fit into a 5-gallon bucket - something no other complete low-flow sampling system can do

A variety of down-well pumps suited to different applications are sold separately.  Call 877-944-9995 for questions or orders.









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